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Watch how Foxborough Public Schools solved their problem of clearing snow from their buses.

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“We ran the buses through and it ran absolutely perfect.”
– Dennis Fletcher, Transportation Manager

With a fleet of school buses and a crew in their 60s, manually clearing rooftop snow to get kids to school was an enormous challenge at Foxborough Public Schools, in Foxborough, MA. It took forever, wore crews out physically, and inevitably left a dangerous strip of snow that couldn’t be reached on the top of the bus roof. The FleetPlow MD-12B made life a whole lot easier for everyone – no more heavy-lifting and raking, plus greater road safety with buses fully cleared of snow before hitting their routes.

Foxborough Public Schools Project Details

  • Fleet of 27 buses
  • Snow clearing method: 4 available staff using roof rakes
  • Labor commitment: 5 hours; 20 total labor hours per snowfall

Solution: Portable FleetPlow (MD-12B)

  • Clears 12 inches of rooftop snow
  • Requires one machine operator
  • Labor commitment: reduced by more than half
  • Start to finish takes 90 minutes to clear the fleet

Watch a Video to Learn More

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