Our reliable automation provides many advantages over other fleet snow removal machines.

Proven Effectiveness and Straight-Forward Reliability

snow removal machineThe world’s leading corporations and organizations choose our FleetPlow™ snow removal systems because they work. We’re fortunate to have many times the number of installations of any competing snow, slush, and ice clearing systems. Our customers are assured by our 20+ year track record of safety, service, and reliability. What’s more, we have the lowest cost of ownership.

  • The patented design of Scraper Systems snow removal machines delivers performance advantages not available anywhere else.

Snow Laws Vary Widely by State and Province

They affect all drivers on the road, not just the drivers licensed in the state that has regulation.

Fleet managers and drivers need to know the legislation in their whole travel footprint to safely keep their trucks and buses on the road after a snowstorm. Our snow removal machines help your fleet comply with snow laws, avoid delays and violations, and meet your customer demands.

Snow Removal Laws

USA (pdf) Canada (pdf)

Features of our Snow Removal Machine

Towing Unit

Fully-Portable Snow Removal Machine Models

The patented jack and wheel system can only be provided by Scraper Systems. Most of our customers choose the portable option because it creates versatility for placement and summer off-season storage.

portable snow removal machine

Durable Materials last 20+ years

Our snow removal machines are built to last. Our earliest snow scrapers have been in service for twenty years and are still working tirelessly. All parts are commercial grade and designed for extreme weather conditions. FleetPlows are fabricated and assembled in our modern, spacious, and automated factory in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Adjustable height snow removal machine

Infinitely Adjustable Height

On-demand adjustability comes from our time-proven hoist capabilities that make sure you get simple operation and repeatable snow clearing performance all winter long – and for many winters. From 75-inch van heights to 14 foot-high trailers, our FleetPlow accommodates all sizes of buses, trucks, delivery vans, and specialty vehicles effortlessly. An optional flatbed package is also available.

110 volt snow removal machine

Just 110 Volt Plug-In electric Service

For reliability and convenience, our FleetPlows are powered simply by standard 110V single-phase electricity or battery. The machine has a plug-in connection for a 15-amp extension cord from an outlet or a small 1400-watt gas generator. The unit can also be hard wired for permanent installations.

Deep-V Plow Blade snow removal machine

Deep-V Plow Blade

Our concave plow blade captures and curls more deep and wet snow than any other method – two feet of snow per pass with our Heavy-Duty snow removal machine, and up to 12″ with our Medium-Duty scraper system. Snow, ice, and slush are directed outside the driving lane, leaving less to plow on the ground. The plow blade assembly is wide to reduce the need for the driver to be perfectly centered.

Accu-Track Guide System

Accu-Track™ Plow Guide System

The suspended plow pivots on a center point. The Heavy-Duty plow tracks with 8-10 wheels along the upright columns. The Medium-Duty plow uses twelve slider pads for tracking. This vertical and torsional mobility allows the plow edge to adapt to ground, rooftop, and elevation changes without excessive pressure. Our FleetPlow is safe and effective for both translucent roofs and corrugated intermodal containers.

15 ft. wide snow removal machine

Wide 15 ft. Drive Opening

Our generous pass-through on Heavy-Duty scraper systems provides ample room for the challenges of driving large vehicles in congested and slippery conditions. The enhanced width also makes it easier for the largest plows and buckets to quickly maneuver ground snow away.

LED Floodlight for snow removal machineLED Floodlight for Night Use

Our solid state 9400 lumens floodlight for Heavy-Duty machines combines high-efficiency optics, superior thermal management, and energy efficiency as a long-lasting solution for cold and wet locations. It is constructed of a heavy-duty, die cast aluminum housing finished with five-stage powder coating.