Tractor trailer driving on snowy highway

Explore our case studies to see how FleetPlow™ snow removal systems have helped our customers.

Want to learn more about FleetPlow™ and how it can help your company? View the case studies below to read a quick description and then download a PDF of any you want to read in more detail.

  • FleetPlow™ Clears Snow Off Boscov’s Department Stores’ Fleet In Pennsylvania

    Boscov’s Department Stores has nearly 50 locations across the Northeastern U.S., a region which sees its fair share of snow each winter. While Boscov’s stores have no problems showcasing the latest trends in fashion, cosmetics, and home goods, the company does face major challenges in delivering its myriad products to its various locations during the snowy winter months.

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  • FleetPlow™ Safely Removes Snow From Foxborough Public Schools Bus Fleet

    Students who live more than a mile from school are eligible to take one of the district’s 27 school buses to and from school. An annual snowfall of 46 inches means the district’s transportation workers need to be ready to remove snow from the fleet at a moment’s notice during winter. Located in the northeast corridor where Nor’easters commonly blow, some blizzards have buried Foxborough school buses in nearly 3 feet of snow. The area is quite accustomed to significant snowfall and people need to be prepared for it.

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  • Sunrise Logistics/FleetPlow Model 440T

    Ephrata, Pennsylvania-based Sunrise Logistics – the transportation, handling, and distribution arm of Four Seasons Produce – is very familiar with the problems created by snow in the winter. As a transporter of perishable items, making on-time deliveries is critical for Sunrise Logistics and its fleet, which serves customers across the continental United States. One recurring challenge was getting rid of snow from the rooftops of its large fleet.

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