Snow Removal Savings Calculator

Determine projected savings using a FleetPlow™ for snow removal.

Use the calculator below to estimate your rooftop snow removal costs and see how Scraper Systems FleetPlows can help reduce operational costs incurred from manually scraping snow.   Over and above these hard savings, FleetPlows can impact your bottom line by reducing additional risks and costs associated with snow removal.

FleetPlow working for your fleet can help you realize these real-world savings:

  • reduced liability claims and negative publicity
  • lower fuel costs
  • fewer workers’ compensation claims
  • decreased downtime and equipment damage
  • reduced fines to drivers due to increasing snow laws
  • fewer costs associated with late deliveries or missed appointments
  • lower winter stress and hassle

Select truck or bus below to get started and then enter data for your operation in the shaded cells. Click the information icon () for tips and information.

When complete, choose to have a PDF of the results emailed to you. You will also have the opportunity to download a copy.

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