Automate the clearing of snow from your truck fleet quickly and safely.

FleetPlows™ will reduce liability and operational costs by automating the process of removing snow from your truck trailers and box trucks. Our snow removal system is safe to use on translucent roofs too.  FleetPlows are designed for fast, efficient, low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions.

Choose the model that best suits your facility.


Model 440

Portable models can be rolled to different locations within your facility, reclaiming space after winter has passed. The unit is mounted on a heavy-duty chassis equipped with dual 12″ wheels on each corner, repositioning screw jacks, and removable concrete ballasts and tow bars. Because of its versatility, the portable is our most popular model and performs just as effectively as the base-mount units.



Model 110

base-plate-installThese models come with a base plate bolt-on mounting system and are suitable for facilities where the unit can stay in one place. Footers must be constructed on site prior to the unit being installed. Scraper Systems will provide drawings, bolt patterns, and anchor bolts for the concrete contractor prior to installation.



Series 200

base-plate-installOur extra-wide models can span exit and entrance driveways and throughways when yard space is limited. Specially designed heavier steel cross members allow for spans up to 35′. The mounting system with concrete footers is the same as the Base-Mount.


Two Levels of Automation Reduce Personnel Requirements

OneTAP™ Full Automation

OneTAP Operational Video

Our premium level of automation is engaged by the driver simply tapping a lighted button at the unit’s start station. This system decreases the time it takes to clear trucks, eliminates operator error, reduces personnel on site, and ensures that the plow always returns to proper safe height for the next driver. Included are a load spring piston assembly, start station, blue LED trailer locator beam, red and green LED driver signal lights, UL-Approved control panel with digital computer (PLC), heater, and back-up pendant control.

OneTAP locates the trailer, electronically lowers the plow to the correct position on the trailer, signals the driver to drive forward to clear the snow, and raises the plow to the full-up position for the next truck.

The sequence is as follows:

  • Blue Beam Locator — Driver pulls forward and positions trailer under the plow at the blue beam
  • Driver taps green lighted button at conveniently-located start station
  • Red Light — Plow automatically lowers to correct position on trailer top
  • Green Light — Signals driver to accelerate to 8-10 MPH to remove snow and continue to destination
  • Red Light — Plow automatically returns to full-up position
  • Green Light — System is ready for the next vehicle to pull in to the clearing zone

Standard with AutoUP™


Standard automation using the hand-held pendant is semi-automatic and is a more economical option using the driver and/or attendant to position the trailer and lower the plow. The AutoUP™ feature raises the plow for the next truck. The manual aspect of the control allows for better adaptability to irregular, tarped, and drop deck trailers.

The sequence is as follows:

  • Guided by an attendant, driver pulls forward and stops the trailer 12 inches past the center point of the plow.
  • Attendant (or driver) presses and holds the down button on the hand-held pendant control until the plow rests on the roof of the trailer, with 1 or 2 links of slack in the hoist chain.
  • When all clear, driver accelerates to 8-10 MPH to remove snow and continue to destination.
  • AutoUP™ automatically raises the plow to the full-up position.
  • Ground plow passes through the clearing zone to prevent buildup.