Welcome FleetPlow™ Owners

This is your spot for information to optimize performance of your Scraper Systems™ FleetPlow. Select from operational training videos, owner’s manuals, multi-trailer operation, and warranty details. If more information is needed, feel free to email us at info@ScraperSystems.com or call us at 888-340-4344.

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Multi-Trailer Operation


Additional variables, such as heavy snow and ice falling between the trailers, differing trailer heights, unleveled trailers, and accumulating ground snow can occur with multi-trailer rigs (doubles or triples).  These and other unexpected circumstances can potentially lead to damage to your equipment, air hoses, or electric lines.  Therefore, we always recommend decoupling all multiple trailers before taking advantage of the time-saving benefits of the FleetPlow™.

Our Warranty

Scraper Systems FleetPlows™ are warranted, from the date of shipment, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years on all mechanical and electrical parts and one (1) year for labor, based on approved travel and labor repair times. The FleetPlow must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and must not have been subject to abuse, lack of maintenance, misuse, negligence, or unauthorized repairs or alterations. The FleetPlow must have been installed by certified dealer installers or by factory installers, with training on the safe and proper operation provided by same.