FleetPlow™ Series 200: Base-Mount Wide-Spanner snow removal systems with Standard Automation span wide drive-thrus and clear 24” of snow from truck and trailer roofs.

FleetPlow Wide Spanner SeriesWhen yard space is limited, FleetPlow’s extra-wide Series 200 snow scraper for trucks can span throughways and exit driveways, up to 35 feet wide. Bolted permanently to the ground, this heavy-duty automated snow removal system can clear 24 inches of heavy, wet snow off trailers in less than 30 seconds, up to 60 vehicles per hour. Concrete footers and electrical runs must be constructed on-site at additional cost.

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FleetPlow™ Series 200 -Wide-Spanner from Scraper Systems

  • Wide-Spanner, permanent mounting on concrete footers
  • Available in widths of 20, 25, 30 and 35 feet
  • Backed across North America by an extensive service and installation Dealer Network

Standard Automation

Standard AutomationFleetPlow Series 200 is available with our standard automation system that lets the driver, or an attendant, lower the Deep-V™ plow blade to the correct position over the roof of the truck using a hand-held, up-down pendant control. The driver then proceeds forward and clears the snow off the roof of the truck or trailer. When finished, the AutoUP sensor raises the snow scraper plow blade automatically for the next vehicle.

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