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Clear wet, heavy snow and ice from your truck fleet in less than 30 seconds.

Automated snow removal helps keep your fleet clear and your team safe.

Winter storms threaten to interrupt your trucking operation. Snow on the roofs of trucks is a hazard to other motorists, and more and more U.S. states and Canadian provinces are requiring that snow be cleared before driving. This takes time and man-power, and can be unsafe for your team.

Five different FleetPlow models with varied automation packages ensure there’s a solution perfectly suited for your fleet.

FleetPlows help protect your bottom line, your employees' safety and your brand’s reputation.

  • Reduce fuel consumption.

    Just 6 inches of snow atop a 53-foot trailer can add 5,000 lbs. It's enough to cause your load to be overwieight and decrease fuel economy by 2.5%. FleetPlows help remove the snow weight and improve fuel economy.

  • Decrease fleet idle time.

    Manual snow removal contributes to excessive idling - guzzling fuel and delaying your fleet from making deliveries. Automated snow removal with a FleetPlow clears snow safely and quickly - in less than 30 seconds per vehicle. In one hour, 60 vehicles can be cleared and on the road to their destinations.

  • Help maintain compliance with snow laws.

    An increasing number of states and provinces do not allow travel on their highways with snow and ice on truck and trailer roofs. FleetPlow snow removal machines clear the snow and eliminate hefty fines.

  • Improve employee safety and morale.

    Manual snow removal using snow rakes and shovels is hazardous and physically exhausting. FleetPlows automate the process to help prevent injuries. Your company loses less work time due to injuries, and reduces workers' compensation claims.

  • Reduce operational costs.

    Rooftop snow removal using manual methods is time consuming and labor intensive. FleetPlows help reduce the amount of time and workers required. With a push of a button, one person can remove 24" of snow and ice in just 30 seconds.

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U.S. States and Canadian Provinces continue to pass legislation that requires fleets to clear snow from the roofs of trucks and trailers.

States and provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada have already passed or have proposed legislation that specifically requires fleets to clear snow and ice from the roofs of their trucks and trailers before they drive. And some existing federal vehicle laws that deal with heavy aloads can result in fines and violations after a snowstorm.

This affects any truck driving through areas with these laws on the books, regardless of where the fleet is headquartered. For this reason, companies across North America must consider a solution for clearing snow from truck and trailer roofs.

Map of US and Canadian Snow Law

Make a FleetPlow the heart of your fleet’s snow-clearing solution.

portable snow removal system


Rollable chassis frame with screw jacks and caster wheels on each corner let you relocate or reclaim space after the snow season is over.

Clears 12 in. of snow

Deep-V™ Plow Blade

Safely and evenly discharge snow and ice off both sides of the vehicle in a controlled location.

snow removal system with adjustable height

Powered Height Adjustment

Adjust the height of the plow with the touch of a button to accommodate vehicle heights up to 14 feet.

A dealer network

North American Dealer Network

All FleetPlow snow removal systems are backed by an extensive service and installation network.

Talk to a FleetPlow advisor for a customized look at the best automated snow clearing solution for your fleet operation.

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snow removal system for trucks

Heavy-Duty Snow Scraper for Trucks

If you face brutal winters, season after season – FleetPlow’s dependable lineup of Heavy Duty automated snow scraper systems can get your trailers back on the road, storm after storm. Our most popular system for snow removal from tractor trailers roofs, HD model 440T, is portable, allowing you to easily relocate or reclaim space in your yard after the snow season ends.

  • Automated snow removal for larger fleets
  • Removes 24 inches of wet, heavy snow in less than 30 seconds, up to 60 vehicles per hour
  • Available with OneTAP™ Full Automation

View the 440T

Medium duty snow removal system

Medium-Duty Snow Scraper for Trucks

For areas with fewer snowfalls over 12 inches, our Medium-Duty snow scraper system for trucks provides portability and everything you need to keep your fleet moving. With a footprint half the size of our portable Heavy-Duty models, our Medium-Duty FleetPlow delivers performance, durability and reliability at a lower cost.

  • Efficient snow removal for smaller fleets or fewer snow falls.
  • Clears 12 inches of snow in less than 30 seconds per vehicle.
  • Budget-friendly

View the MD-12

Other Heavy-Duty truck & trailer snow removal systems are available, including permanent Base-Mount & Wide-Spanner models up to 35 feet wide.

model 440S

Model 440S

Portable with Standard Automation
View the Model 440S

Model 110T

Model 110T

Base-Mount with OneTAP™ Full Automation
View the Model 110T

Model 110S

Model 110S

Base-Mount with Standard Automation
View the Model 110S

Series 200

Series 200

View the Series 200

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